Our story

Groenholland UK Ltd. is a ground source specialist company incorporated in the UK in 2001. Over the last 25 years we have provided numerous clients with design and build services of turn key, closed loop Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) systems. Not only do we design, install and maintain GSHP systems, we also provide support in concept development by providing desk top feasibility studies, trial boreholes, on site Thermal Response Testing (TRT) and thermal modelling of wellfield response to imposed heating and cooling loads.

Due to the growing number of users of the ground source resource, the undergound in some places is getting quite congested. When this is the case and new systems in the vicinity of existing systems are foreseen, thermal interference between adjacent GSHP systems needs to be taken into account when designing.

In the Netherlands, where large housing projects using ground source in combination with heat pumps are common, Groenholland have developed a thermal interference methodology that is used as the standard tool to predict future temperature effects between adjacent systems and to allow for compensation to warrant long term system efficiency for the end users.