Energy Efficiency with GSHP systems

Since 2001, Groenholland UK Ltd has been active in the field of Borehole Thermal Energy Storage (BTES), in combination with Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHP). A ground-coupled heat pump saves energy when heating and cooling. It is a solution with little to no greenhouse gas emissions!



Groenholland UK Ltd. is a ground source specialist incorporated since 2001. Over the last twenty years we have provided design & build services to numerous projects using closed loop GSHP-systems. In total we have been involved in over 250 shallow GHSP-projects, ranging from private estates, to schools and universities. Borehole Thermal Energy Storage (BTES), delivering and maintaining turn key GSHP-systems is our expertise. 




Closed-loop GSHP-systems utilise the ground for exchange of energy. Not only for heating but also for cooling purposes.   Do you have plans or ideas regarding sustainable heating and cooling? It might be helpful to discuss the feasibility and practicability first with an expert. Reach out to us via our contact page. Groenholland Geo Energy Systems is a pioneering geothermal company since 1996 and it is in our culture to help!


Integrated Design

When designing multiple neighbouring GSHP-systems or clusters of homes, an integrated design of all systems is required. Taking into account the thermal interaction between individual systems in the overall design ensures long term (> 25 years) operational reliability for the end user. At Groenholland we use proprietary and validated software that allows design for long term efficiency. 



With the specially developed ITGBES tool by Groenholland, you can calculate the thermal interactions between borehole heat exchangers. This is crucial for the optimal operation of ground source energy in phased and complex construction projects. All types of ground source energy systems, whether open well or closed-loop may have thermal influence on other systems in the vicinity. We also offer a premium version for more complex situations with ITGBES-PRO.



Public authorities are in a position to organise the preconditions to make shallow geothermal energy a success. In the Netherlands municipalities take the lead to co-ordinate the implementation of GSHP- systems on a local scale with specific policy guidance. In this way municipalities remain in control, whilst facilitating the efficient and sustainable use of ground energy, also for future users! 


Quality & Training

To ensure quality within ground source energy, certification is essential. In The Netherlands certification is required for designers, drilling companies, and installers. In the United Kingdom, where we have been active since 2001, Groenholland is ISO 9001 and SMAS certified. For our advice and implementation in design and engineering Groenholland has a (PI) professional indemnity insurance. 


Reference projects

Over the past twenty-five years, over 100K individual ground-coupled heat pump systems have been installed in the Netherlands. Currently,  between 15,000 and 20,000 new systems are added each year. In the United Kingdom Groenholland has been involved in projects with individual residental homes, public buildings (schools and hospitals) and in universities. Check out our reference projects for successful case studies with shallow geothermal energy!


Our community

Groenholland Geo Energy Systems has a wide and diverse network within ground source energy, including within the academic world (we publish peer-review publications). Also we are an active member of the European Geothermal (EGEC) community. Interested in knowing who is active nationally and internationally, what they do, and what knowledge and contacts they possess? Send us a message!

Some UK reference projects using GSHP-systems

Our projects vary widely in nature, but they share the commonality of utilising vertical ground heat exchangers in a sustainable manner. With over a hundred projects in the field of geo-energy, we present here a selection of more recent activities that we have supported!

Case Studies

Groenholland U.K. is an independent sister company of Groenholland NL. The focus in the U.K. is on design and build systems, some reference projects are: 

  • 2002 St Lukes Church (London Symphony Orchestra), heat pump system renovated in 2020.
  • 2003 New Welsh Assembly, Cardiff 
  • 2012 World Wildlife Fund (WWF) headquarters Woking
  • 2018 NHS Quadram Research Institute, Norwich 
  • 2020 City University Londen Law faculty
Aardgasvrij kantoor


Although in the Netherlands, Schoenmakershoek is  an example of a large scale housing development with individual homes using closed-loop GSHP-systems for heating, DHW and cooling.                  

This gas-free residential area was built between 2004 and 2010, featuring around 1,500 homes, each equipped with its own heat pump with the ground as the source. Long term sustainable use of the shallow geothermal resource has been monitored. Now it is 2024 and current residents don’t have to worry about volatile gas prices. 

Aardgasvrije wijk in Haarlem

The context

A water-brine heat pump with a closed-loop ground energy system (a so-called ground heat exchanger) guarantees reliability, low maintenance combined with high energy efficiency. This makes this type of heat pumps economically attractive. 

Another significant financial advantage is that a well-designed ground energy system uses relatively less electricity compared to an ASHP, which can help reduce the load on the electricity grid.